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The Sita Center is conceptualized to help all people in need, irrespective of caste, creed, color or religion. It is named after our mother, who always wanted to give-away to those who didn’t have enough…
Sita Center is an organisation which seeks the blessings of its Inspiration, Our mother Sita Devi Agarwal who departed for her heavenly journey on 24th January, 2013.
We at Sita Centre are focused towards the well-being of those unattended people who actually require our help. The primary objective we have, is to help people who are in and around us (as CHARITY BEGINS AT HOME).

Our Vision:

We aspire to resolve the modern challenges of our societies through learnings from our ancestral societies, that would give us the wisdom and understanding which can help generate an even consciousness for all. The way forward as per our understanding is, through Sustainable development of our societies, care & respect for our natural resources and through Spiritual education and awareness.

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Our Vision is

Our Mission

We are on a mission to help restore mother nature and align our societies with spiritual awareness and education so as to make every individual happy and fulfilled

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Sustainable living and development The key to sustainable living & development is to Reduce, Recycle & reuse our natural resources. If we really want to leave behind these resources for our future generations, each one of us need to think and execute the 3R’s urgently as it is a team effort that can really add value and bring about a change of significance.

We believe in sustainability and a development that minimizes wastages and overuse of natural resources like, water & plants. We as a team take the initiative to promote awareness amongst the general people regarding rainwater harvesting and recycling of water. We also focus our efforts towards plantation of new saplings which includes neem, babul, peepal and bamboo. It is our initiative to plant at least 1,00,000 saplings in the next 5 years.

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