Education is a vehicle for true empowerment of any person, be it a man or a woman. It is our understanding that education can be the biggest gift that, we can provide to our generations if we really want their growth and happiness. We have been organizing awareness workshops for growing up girls and boys on various topics that can be helpful for them during their formative years. Our community & adult counselling programs also help many people in gaining more balance and equanimity in their lives. We take it as an initiative to help those families who can’t afford quality education for their children by providing them merit based scholarships.

Food and Nourishment

Hunger is a disease that can really spoil a nation. In our country many people die of hunger and malnourishment every year. We believe that everyone should get a balanced diet and should be healthy and happy. We along with several other associates of ours, distribute free meals, rice & food packets so that we can help those who can’t afford a meal. We would really love to see that each and every individual gets a healthy meal each day and everyday.

Sustainable Living

The key to sustainable living & development is to Reduce, Recycle & Reuse our natural resources. If we really want to leave behind these resources for our future generations, each one of us need to think and execute the 3R’s urgently as it is a team effort that can really add value and bring about a change of significance. We believe in sustainability and a development that minimizes wastages and overuse of natural resources like, water & plants. We as a team take the initiative to promote awareness amongst the general people regarding rainwater harvesting and recycling of water. We also focus our efforts towards plantation of new saplings which includes neem, babul, peepal and bamboo. It is our initiative to plant at least 1,00,000 saplings in the next 5 years.